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OWIT Global: Filling Technology Gaps with
Microservices-based Insurance Solutions

CEO Wendy Aarons-Corman talks to IIR about the company’s foothold in automated bordereaux management and its ambitions to bridge insurance technology discontinuities with modern technological solutions.

OWIT’s CEO, Wendy Aarons-Corman, speaks with Barry Bablin, Chief Actuary of ANPAC, and Gilad Shai about why the time is now for the insurance industry’s need to fix its data integrity issues.

OWIT Global is a provider of both P&C and A&H solutions and has a team of experts for both market segments. Let the “Gearheads” at OWIT tell you more by viewing the following videos.

OWIT Global Hits Milestone with Its Insurance Data Management (IDM) Solution for Bordereaux and Delegated Underwriting Management Processing

Another Insurance Carrier Chooses OWIT Global’s Insurance Data Management (IDM) Solution to Modernize its P&C and A&H Program Bordereaux Data Streams

Mid-Tier Carrier Enters Production with OWIT Global’s (OWIT) Broker Portal Solution, Bringing Disparate Back-End Systems to a Single User Experience

OWIT Global Advances Its Insurance Data Management Solution