Statement of Values (SOV) Consumption

SOV records can be viewed and processed through O/DIEM Point of Sale (POS)/Submission Management Solution - where they can be re-validated and rated. All records are accumulated based on rules, and multiple output bordereaux file formats are produced by IDM for external consumption.

IDM, combined with the POS/Submission Management Solution provides the following:  

  • Support for location add/delete endorsements 
  • Support for Underwriter Referrals for all other post-bind transactions  
  • Support for SOV upload and internal users support with override capabilities subject to authority levels
  • Support for Policy Issuance. The population of Policy data to the Declarations page and all forms with variable text   
  • Automation for third-party data integrations to populate Policy data to other systems 
  • Ability to manually enter submission data with up multiple locations 
  • Ability to tailor Underwriting questions  
  • Ability to rate a quote through multiple underwriting carriers' rating algorithms using the O/DIEM Rating Solution
  • Ability to generate a Quote and/or Binder document 
  • Ability to generate a Bordereaux Output dataset for Bound policy transactions 
  • Support for multiple sets of underwriting/rating/document/permission data sets to support individual carrier program requirements 
  • Ability to accept and process a rating request  
  • Ability to generate a complex Quote, Binder documents matching carrier requirements  


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