Why Owit Global

At the Forefront of Insurance Data Management

Our vision is straightforward: To offer every insurance-related company, be it carrier, broker/agent, reinsurer, MGA/MGU, etc., the ability to access and manage its data quicker, more accurately, and more productively.  The result: Better business decisions.

OWIT’s strength comes from years of creating solutions such as B2B and B2C Portals, Document Generation, Submission Management, Point of Sale, and Bordereaux Management to name a few.

Leveraging our knowledge, OWIT has created a master platform that gives you total control to collect, cleanse, utilize, and distribute the data to various counterparties.  Introducing …

OWIT’s Digitalization for Insurance Enterprise Management.

O/DIEM operates in a cloud-based, no-code fashion, providing both security and speed. Our user experience is second to none. Built into our system are Artificial Intelligence algorithms to increase the efficacy of the platform.

The benefits of O/DIEM are numerous. Data is configured in a uniform fashion making it easier to access, and costs are reduced with fewer people required to do repetitive work.

Allow us to demonstrate how O/DIEM will be a game-changer for your company. Contact us today: